Travel Sketches

I always have grandiose plans for painting when I travel but I think many artists can relate to the lack of time. Luckily I travel mostly with my wonderful husband who is a photographer and never minds when I camp out in a charming bistro to sketch. Here is a collection of some of my travel artwork from the past few years. I think I will start posting these as I travel from now on but these images span a few years.


These two watercolors above were taken while traveling with Linda Warner Constantino and her workshop in Tuscany. I was there as a Teaching Assistant but found myself with the luxury to follow around the most inspirational professor I have ever had and paint for hours each day. These painting were completed in a self-bound sketchbook using Arches paper. We stayed at the beautiful Spannocchia which I would definitely recommend for everyone one time in their life.


I found a wonderful sketchbook recently that I love from Stillman & Birn. I love the Delta series because it can take watercolor really well (even with multiple washes). This sketch was from the beach on the South side of Lake Tahoe. Beautiful location and such a peaceful area that people were setting up tents so they could stay for the night too.


I took a trip with my now husband to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the early stages of our relationship. This little painting is of the view from The Sugar Shake Seafood Market. I feel most at home near the water with some great seafood on a plate in front of me.


A sketch from another fantastic European adventure. I love street vendors in general but one that sells macaroons really makes my day. This beautiful little stand was in Rouen, France and I wanted to capture the beautiful colors of the candies.

I love traveling and I love working on the go. Where are the most interesting little nooks you have found to sketch or paint? Do you have any strategies to make sure you make painting while traveling a priority?

Dana Cohen